Wade Chandler


Professional Summary

Throughout my career of over 15 years, I have used many technologies to help lead and implement different types of projects including highly available internet and rich client-server applications. This has been for various profiles including the web, mobile, desktop, and the cloud.

Projects include mobile, web, and desktop applications for assessing children, environmental inspections, desktop software of different kinds such as kiosks and custom business systems, multiple highly available, high traffic web applications and services, analysis applications utilized by government agencies including the military, the health industry, early child hood and elementary educators, retailers, and manufacturers.

Technical Skills

SoftwareNetBeans IDE, IntelliJ (IDEA), Eclipse IDE, Spring Tool Suite, JDeveloper, JBuilder, Microsoft Visual Studio and VS .NET, Visual Basic, Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Altova XML Spy, Director, Flash, Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, GIMP, BRL-CAD, KDeveloper, GTK+, QT Designer, Cold Fusion, Metrowerks Code Warrior, SuperWaba, Peach Tree Accounting, Quickbooks, MS Office (all), MS Access, OpenOffice, Dream Weaver, JBoss, GlassFish, Tomcat, Rio, Jini, Avro, Thrift, OSGi, NetBeans Rich Client Platform, Groovy, ehcache, Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Sonar, Word Press, Adobe CQ, Apache Jack Rabbit, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, DropWizard, Jersey, Jackson, Jetty, JDBI, Liquibase, Geb, Spock, Selenium, JBehave, AWS libraries/SDK

Languages: C, C++, Java, Groovy, C#, Delphi (Object Pascal), Perl, TCL, Lingo (Director), Flash Script/Flash, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Visual Basic, PHP, JSP, ASP, Cold Fusion, SQL

Project Management Tools: Jira, Microsoft Project, dotProject, XPlanner, Visual Paradigm, Visio, OpenOffice Draw (UML), Dia, Goldmine, Mantis, Bugzilla, MoinMoin Wiki, MediaWiki, Mercurial (hg), Git, Subversion

Databases: Oracle 8 through 11, MS SQL Server (multiple versions), Sybase, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird/Interbase, Microsoft Access, Apache Derby, HSQLDB, Berkley DB, IBM ISAM

Hardware: Sun/Oracle Servers (rack and tower) and Workstations, Dell Servers (rack and tower), Workstations, and Laptops, IBM Laptops, Workstations, Z Servers, Cisco Routers, Linksys Routers, Netgear Routers, Different Linux Based Firewalls and Routers, General Networking Components: Wifi, Switches, Routers, Hubs, etc from various vendors

Developed: Electronic Discharge Monitoring and Reporting (NPDES Management), Environmental Data Exchange and Web Services System (, High Availability Child Assessment Systems (Mobile, Desktop, and Server), Home Association Payment Processing and Payment System, An Iteration of,, Motion Detection and Kiosk for The High Point Museum, CMS for and among others, Recipe Management System, Selenium and Web Application Automated User Testing Environment and Tools, Military Distributed Client Server Analysis Application

Industries: Government (DOD/ARL/Defense, Environmental, FDA), Health Care, Retail, Software Development, Media (Scripps Interactive - Food Network, Cooking Channel, HGTV)

Operating Systems: Solaris, Open Solaris, IBM AIX, Windows Desktop 95-ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8(.1), Windows Server NT, 2000, 2003, 2008, SuSE Linux, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu Linux

Methodologies: PMI/CAPM/PMP/PMBOK – Scope, WBS management, etc, Scrum, XP (Extreme Programming), Agile, Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, UML, Incremental Spiral Commitment Model

Messaging and Protocols: REST, SOAP, JSON, XML, TCP, UDP, HTTP, Tunneling, Custom

Professional Experience

Metro Information Services 1999-2002

Lead Developer Winston Salem, NC

  • Worked with clients and team to develop specifications and designs
  • Chose team members and new hires
  • Designed and managed software development processes
  • Developed software
  • Created build systems and tests
  • Designed and managed databases
  • Created multiple applications for Kingsdown Bedding including, a FDA fruit and vegetable inspection application, in house time and project management system, a Home Owners Association payment processing system, and consulted on other various projects.
  • Web Applications, Servlets/JEE, Desktop, Mobile
  • Taught Java courses to other consultants working for the company
Technical Environment: NetBeans, JDeveloper, Visual Studio, Microsoft Project, Dia, Visual Basic, Flash, Dream Weaver, Paintshop Pro, 3D studio Max, Director, Java, Linux, Windows, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RealityX PIC Database, Apache Tomcat, Apache Web Server, PHP, IIS, ASP. Multiple Hardware Platforms such as HP, Dell, and IBM were employed along with Linux firewall appliances such as WatchGuard. User acceptance testing and unit testing were performed.

Red-e Set Grow, LLC 2001-2005

Senior Lead Developer Winston Salem, NC

  • Worked with clients and team to develop specifications and designs

  • Led other developers; managed consultants

  • Reported directly to the CTO

  • Used Microsoft Project and XPlanner

  • Pair development was employed as needed

  • Developed software

  • Created build systems and tests

  • Designed and maintained databases

  • Consulted for other companies

  • Technical customer support; example: I was sent to debug and fix issues with our software in multiple states

  • User Acceptance Tests, Automated UI Testing, Unit Tests

  • Developed reports

  • Servlets/JEE, ISAPI DLLs, Java User Interfaces, Borland C++ User Interfaces, Web Applications, Desktop and Mobile Software. High Availability Child Assessment Software. Application Service Provider.

  • Worked on many projects. These can be viewed at Child assessment software sold in boxes and as a service as an application service provider. Serviced Miami-Dade County FL, Texas, and other large areas.

  • Have consulted on other projects for them since leaving
Technical Environment: NetBeans, IntelliJ IDE, Borland C++ Builder, Visual Basic, Delphi for some components used in Borland C++ Builder, Microsoft Project, XPlanner, UML Tools (Visual Paradigm, Visio, Dia), Modified Extreme Programming and Agile Processes (those that worked for our projects), Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, HSQLDB, Jasper Reports, iReport, Crystal Reports, Seapine SCM, Seapine Test Track Pro, Seapine QA Wizard Pro, JUnit, Goldmine, Linux, Windows, Java, C++, JSP, JEE, HTML, JavaScript, XML

Decision Dynamics, Inc. 2005-2009

Senior And Lead Software Engineer Lexington, SC

  • Led, designed, and implemented a version of for the state of South Carolina. Initially Java, Servlets, Apache Axis, Apache XML Beans, EJB. Java/Swing rich client interface; later converted to .NET; services to C#. Responsible for creating data flows (data exchanges) specific to South Carolina for their citizens and partners to trade data with the state as well as the EPA; includes project management, XML schema development, web service development, server management, deployment, database, etc. A multi-year project.

  • Implemented and maintained an Electronic Discharge Monitoring and Reporting system for the state of South Carolina. Used by businesses in South Carolina to login and report their waste to the state government. Struts, EJB, and other JEE technologies.

  • Maintained an application called Disease Management Control Network which is an ISAPI C++ DLL based web application; used by hospitals. This is a product DDI sells to multiple customers and hospitals to manage patient disease. Web based and based on the initial work done at Red-e Set Grow before it was converted to Java from ISAPI DLLs

  • Designed and implemented a secure data transfer solution utilizing FTP and PGP. Used for automated data exchanges of files in specific formats. Used to transfer sensitive information such as health records for DMCN. HIPPA compliant.

  • Worked with clients and Decision Dynamics on designs and specifications

  • Developed software and reports

  • Managed specific projects; consultant; scope, WBS, stake holder logs, meetings, demos etc

  • Managed databases, web services, and required servers

  • Almost all work done over VPN or GoToMyPC

Technical Environment: NetBeans, NetBeans Rich Client Platform, JDeveloper, Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, Oracle Database 8-10g, Oracle Application Server, GlassFish Application Server, Apache AXIS, Apache Web Server, IIS, Windows, IBM AIX, Struts, JSP, JEE, Java, EJB, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XML Schema, Web Services, C++, .NET, C#, ASP .NET, Subversion, Mercurial, Microsoft Project, XPlanner, dotProject, UML, PMI scope, WBS development, logs, lessons learned, and other project management concepts utilized throughout

Scripps Networks Interactive    2009-2011

Consultant and Software Engineer Knoxville, TN

Technical Environment: NetBeans, IntelliJ, Oracle Database, GlassFish Application Server, Java, JSP, J2EE, Spring, JAXB, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XML Schema, Swing, Ant, Jira, UML, WBS development, Scrum, Wikis, TCL, Subversion, JSON, Lucene, REST

Army Research Laboratory 2011-2013

Consultant and Software Engineer  Knoxville, TN

  • Security Clearance
  • UX
  • Worked remotely with the team in Aberdeen Maryland; APG
  • Distributed Network Services; TCP/UDP/Multi-cast
  • Consulted and led work related to the NetBeans Rich Client Platform, OSGi, and user interface design; helped the team with modular systems, user interface design, application programming and service provider interfaces, and design patterns
  • Led the team along with my counterpart in setting up development processes, source control, and build processes and policies
  • Reviewed designs and source code, and consulted on ways to improve various aspects of the system which were in place before I joined the project
  • Developed and helped implement designs; modular user interface as well as network services
  • Developed a distributed analysis application platform; this allows analysts to create various military related scenarios and analyze them; can't discuss too much outside of the technology
  • Users/analysts interact with a modular rich client application where they create an analysis. The application connects to distributed services on the network which process the analysis. The back end services can be run on commodity hardware or high performance commercial servers. The application then allows the user to interact with the result in various ways; text and graphics; 3D and 2D
  • One component was a geometry catalog used to manage various geometrical data which would be used in the analysis or other purposes
  • Wrote a custom object data store for the project; Java objects are stored here in a UTF-8 format which is capable of being merged and versioned in a hg or git repository. The user application interacts directly with storage to save and load objects. This also allowed us to not have to use a database any longer; we were using Oracle when I came on the project
  • Used the NetBeans Visual API to create a 2D graphical military scenario editor
Technical Environment: NetBeans, IntelliJ, Java, NetBeans Rich Client, OSGi, Rio (distributed network services), X-Stream Java XML Libraries, XML, Swing, Groovy, C/C++, BRL-CAD, Jini (Apache River), Maven, Ant, Jira, UML, WBS development, Scrum, Wikis, Apache Derby, Oracle Database, JPA, Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux (client and server), Apple OSX, Windows Vista and 7, Mercurial (hg), Git, Subversion

Scripps Networks Interactive 2013-2014

Consultant, Software, and Automation Engineer  Knoxville, TN

  • Worked with various groups and team members on Continuous Integration, Build Systems, Software, Data Services, Web Sites (such as and, Quality Assurance, and Cloud Development
  • Developed data integration services which transfer data from various and disparate back end systems to Adobe CQ
  • Mentored team members
  • Developed with another team member an application which scales in the AWS cloud to quickly read information from CQ by creating multiple clones and running distributed applications; I wrote a simple and extensible distributed queue and server which is used to coordinate distributed applications as well as transfer information between processes; this required writing a protocol along with applications and APIs to make it possible; CQ does not have great throughput, and this helps with that
  • QA automation lead role from time to time; helped others understand how to write unit, integration, and automated user tests
  • Worked with the business and the rest of the team on design, requirements, testing, deployment, and development
  • Lead on various sub-projects as needed
Technical Environment: NetBeans, IntelliJ, Oracle and MySQL Database, Adobe CQ, Apache Jack Rabbit, Java Content Repository API, Amazon Cloud/AWS, AWS CLI, Linux, Windows, Java, Groovy, Bash, Python, Sed, AWK, Spring, JAXB, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XML Schema, Maven, Gradle, Jira, UML, WBS development, Scrum, Wikis, Mercurial, Git, Subversion

Virtusa at Scripps Networks Interactive 2014-Present

Associate Director; Manager, Architect, Developer Knoxville, TN

  • Lead development team with other senior personnel from Scripps
  • Manage remote Virtusa team handling back end services and architecture
  • Mentor team members
  • Develop microservice architecture using Dropwizard and REST services
  • Work with the business and the rest of the team on design, requirements, testing, deployment, and development
  • Replacing an application used to manage, transcode, and sell media assets through Google, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix,  XBox, and others. This is an integral component of Scripps nonlinear content business. Also moving the application to the cloud and designing for scale.
Technical Environment: NetBeans, Spring Tool Suite/STS IntelliJ, PostgreSQL and Oracle Database, JDBI, DropWizard, Amazon Cloud/AWS, AWS CLI, Linux, Windows, Java, Groovy, Bash, Python, Sed, AWK, Spring, JSON, Jersey, Jackson, AngularJS, NodeJS, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XML Schema, CI/CD, Cloudbees, Jenkins, Sonar, Liquibase, Maven, Gradle, Trello, Google Hangouts, Rally, UML, WBS development, Scrum, Kanban, Wikis, Mark Down, Git

Certifications & Training

  • PMI training and course certificate

  • Former Certified Computer Examiner (CCE); certified in computer forensics
  • Security Clearance


    School                                                   Date

    Jefferson County High School                                1992-1995

    Walters State Community College                          1996-1998
    Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.       

    ITT Technical Institute                                           2006-2007
    Technical Project Management.

      Professional Achievements

      • Won a 2006 NetBeans Community Award from Sun Microsystems.

      • NetBeans Dream Team Member Group of non-Sun/Oracle employees who contribute to NetBeans RCP and IDE.

      • Chosen by the NetBeans Dream Team to speak on a panel with Sun Microsystems executives at JavaOne 2009.

      • Commit access to the NetBeans source repositories.

      • Contribute to the user interface designer inside of the NetBeans IDE among other components.

      • iReport project member ; worked on the report designer and other features.