I am an independent software engineer and consultant. I live in the Knoxville, TN area. I invite you to Google "Wade Chandler and Java", "Wade Chandler and NetBeans", and "Wade Chandler and iReport" for a sampling of who I am, and my contributions to open source and the community.

I enjoy fishing and finding new streams to explore. I don't need to be fishing to enjoy exploring a stream. I like to jump in and just have fun. Part of the fun for me is being close to nature and examining the wildlife; I live near the Great Smoky Mountains, so that makes it easier I suppose.

I mentor fellow co-workers every day, and believe it to be a key role of all experienced engineers. I have worked in various industries and with many technologies. I am an engineer, and I believe a good software engineer can apply solid principles to any technology stack and industry. I also believe good engineers elevate quality and the user experience; all roles on a project contribute to this.

The user experience is influenced by the speed of back end systems and algorithms just as much as the design of a quality user interface along with innovation. I feel one must spend time understanding their domain, source base, users, and business stake holders. Only then can they truly commit to improving the thing they are working on.

I think it is just as important for business stakeholders to understand the value technology brings to their company as it is for the engineers using the technology to understand the business. I do not believe you can have great organizational synergy without all stakeholders understanding this nexus.

Throughout my career I have led and implemented different tiers of various forms of highly available applications. At times this has called for creating custom servers, network protocols, and user interfaces for different profiles including the web, mobile, desktop, and the cloud. I have worked in the industries of life style, museums, retail, government, education, and military; various profiles of each. This has been for small, medium, and enterprise scale businesses.

You can read in my resume I have used various technologies to implement requirements. Some pretty interesting projects have not been detailed in my resume, and I would love the opportunity to discuss them and my qualifications with you further.

Thank you for your time and opportunities,

Wade Chandler